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Management Greeneris

Rafal Stas – Chairman of the Board, Greeneris Sp. z o.o

Demonstrating a unique mix of technical vision, marketing and business acumen, Rafal is focusing to build innovative company. He has Executive MBA, graduated at Kozminski University in 2010. In 1999, he graduated from the Military University of Technology and in 2001 Master of Science post-graduate degree at the Technical University of Warsaw. Having already during the technical studies connected with ICT industry. At the beginning of his professional career he worked as a systems engineer, participated in a number of technology projects and led the implementation team as a project manager. He also worked in the UK, as the architect of ICT solutions for the world’s largest commercial television – SkyTV. From 2006 till 2012 has worked for Cisco Systems. Working as a business solutions architect, he was responsible for collaborating with the largest Polish financial institutions. He has developed a wide range of professional qualifications confirmed by many certificates (e.g. CCIE # 9496). At Greeneris, Rafal Stas is responsible for the strategy and development of the company and the supervision of key business projects.

Jaroslaw Swiechowicz – Managing Director, board memeber

Jaroslaw manages a team of consultants and experts pursuing and implementing consulting projects. He is responsible for coordinating new and existing contracts as well as for the development of solutions and services. For several years he worked for Cisco, the world leader in ICT solutions, as a leading business solution architect and coordinate IT projects in the institutions of central government, health care, industry, and a number of leading companies. Managing infrastructure project from LAN, Data Center technologies and in the wider part of Unified Communications, which includes IP telephony solutions, video and Contact Center systems. He has a wide range of proven technological skills, confirmed by Cisco certification and experience in processes carried out in accordance with the ITIL methodology. He was gaining an experience in the field of networking technology, working as a consultant for an independent telecommunications provider – Energis, where he participated in a number of projects for broadband data transmission and Internet access. He has also worked with Securecom Technologies in Ireland. The result of this collaboration is a patented device that allows monitoring and improving the safety of older people and people whose work in difficult conditions. A patent is defined as “A PORTABLE COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE”, which has been patented in the United States and the European Union.