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Company Greeneris Sp. z o.o. is working with the best manufacturers of security solutions in the ICT industry. Therefore, we have a solution that will meet the most severe safety requirements for mobile systems.

In the case of network infrastructure, we are working with Cisco Systems, thus providing infrastructure solutions for wired, wireless and VPN encrypted connections we ensure the highest standards of safety and quality solutions. For the safety of the infrastructure layer takes care ISE (Identity Service Engine), allowing that connection to the corporate network can be appropriately classified, check the basic parameters of the hardware, software and decide to admit or not the device / user to the network.

Infrastructure layer is not enough, companies have to have the ability to manage applications and protection against leakage of information from the system that’s why DLP (Data Leakage Protection) must be implemented. We have signed a partnership agreement with leading global solutions MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MCM (Mobile Content Management) market – AirWatch company. This software solution complements Cisco. With this solution, the company is able to manage in secure way the whole environment. Moreover, the companies can manage in an aware manner applications created for their own use and to give an access to sensitive corporate resources in a controlled way.

In addition, the system administrator has a number of additional possibilities here are some of them:

– Management of mobile devices, data storage and reporting of information about devices

– Support for most current platforms on the market: Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, MacOS

– Lock your phone remotely, deleting critical corporate data

– Encryption data on the device

– Blocking a user-specific functions, for example to protect against copying of data, data transfer via private mail boxes, etc..

– Easy introduction of a new device to the system, the distribution settings for encrypted connections, wireless, certificates

– Secure access to email, contacts, corporate documents, etc..

– Distribution of application

– Sending specially prepared information to the end user,

– Take remote control of the phone to help solve problems

– Locating equipment and more

– The ability to integrate with existing business and security systems in the enterprise

The solution is for companies that have from 10 to 100 000 plus mobile devices.

Our offer includes:

  •      Design a comprehensive security solution for mobile devices
  •      Provide the elements of a solution (hardware, software)
  •      Implementation and integration with existing systems in the company
  •      Training in the use and operation of the system

Note: In the event if the company is interested in a wireless solution other than Cisco, we are able to customize the design of secure access to mobile solutions.

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