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Company Greeneris Sp.  z o.o., to meet the needs of the market, started offering comprehensive solutions in various business and technical areas. We want to offer our customers complete and comprehensive solutions that cover many aspects and areas of technical and industry.

One of the main complex services, which is in our offer and allows companies to transfer the weight of architectural design, interior design, construction supervision as well as the design and implementation of information technology for a branch / office is the proposal that we call Smart  Office or Branch (depending on the specific location). Comprehensive approach allows the company to save money in a tangible way as well as to speed up the process of implementing a new location.
In the areas of advanced technologies we specialize in comprehensive solutions related to mobile devices (BYOD), virtual desktop (VDI / VXI), as well as a video solution (Video / Digital Signage) and work remotely (Remote Expert). Complexed associated with the offer of solutions that cover many aspects of technology infrastructure with broad layer of security to your business applications. We offer a variety of solutions and combine them to meet the best needs of our customers.
Experience and knowledge of available solutions allows us to design systems and solutions for small and large companies in the market. In addition to the above-mentioned solutions, we provide consulting services, before and after implementation to help choosing the right solution from the market as well as successfully implemented in the company.