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BYOD mobile devices

Challenges – The market of mobile devices

Number of mobile devices will increase dramatically in the incoming years (it is expected that in the next four years, in the network will be up to 15 billion new devices), also we will see a rapid increase in video traffic (35-fold from 2010 to 2015). Customers buy portably devices much faster than other available technologies. On average in developed countries will have been to three mobile devices per user (smartphone, tablet, laptop).
The companies try to keep up with the rapid development of the market, in which employees have this type of device. Mobile devices are becoming a powerful tool in companies and it will be a part of the job, creating Unified Workspace.

Providing access to applications and data on mobile devices improves employee productivity, which is the main factor for the preparation of a reliable return on investment justification. While a few years ago, business strategies were focused on buying and giving the employee certified devices, at the present time this model does not work too well. In particular, it shows very bright in the younger generation, who entering the labor market wants to have a free choice of mobile platform. Unfortunately, there are additional problems, especially related to the secure access to corporate resources through new communication channels.

The term BYOD – Bring Your Own Device it means operate in the company using own phone / tablet, setting new challenges for those involved in security in the company.

A look at all the elements of the solution, mainly from the security point of view, guarantees that the solution and the architecture will meet all your requirements and the company will be able to feel safe from the introduction of new technology.

This allows IT / security departments to meet the following requirements:

– Providing solution that meet the expectations of customers / employees

–  Provisioning  and authorizing the use of a variety of end devices (Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian) and ensure that their use will be conducted in a safe manner

– Granular security policy management, multi-layered security and its enforcement

– Simplify operations management, implementation and maintenance of a heterogeneous environment

– Implementing and developing new applications for mobile devices

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