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If we go to the store / branch office and we are not able to find any help or answers to our questions, we go out and usually do not go back to the same company. Therefore, in order to counteract this effect and losing revenue (revenue leakage) of such customer behavior, there is created a solution that addresses this problem. Remote Expert is a solution that allows employees to communicate with another person, in most companies a high level specialist in their field via high-definition (HD) video. This is particularly important when company has a limited number of people with some unique qualifications within the company.

 With this solution, company is able:

– Improve the experience for customers of using the service

– Expand the availability and performance of experts

– Simplify support for both clients and professionals

Examples of use in a variety of areas:

– Create groups of experts in the banks (the client portfolio management, lending, etc..)

– Access to professionals in insurance companies

– For schools, access to outstanding teachers, professors

– Improved access to specialist consultation / medical, and many other possibilities.

However, the implementation of such a solution in the company, forcing change the flow of information between stakeholders. As well as the adaptation in the branch office must be well organized. Do not just put a video terminal and to give access to the person on the other side. The whole technological solutions must be incorporated into the operation facility as well as those who shall use this technology should feel comfortable with the service and make sure that customers have similar feelings. It is therefore important to prepare a suitable arrangement of the rooms in which clients and the staff will feel the pleasure of using the new tools.



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