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Branch Office

From the architectural design to the technological facilities:

Good design does not have to cost a lot, to achieve it we must rely on open and honest communication among team members, ensuring that customer needs are well understood and effectively delivered” – Rafal Stas, CEO, Greeneris Sp. z o.o.

The idea of a bank branch (post or insurance) would have been a part of the community has never been more important than today. While information technology and remote access to institutions play a significant role in today’s business operation, the branch is still a place where can be tangibly (not just virtually) to talk to the other person.

The previous way of thinking, that the client appears in a branch, execute transactions and in meantime the company is able to sell additional products (so-called cross-selling) is not a model that has proven itself.

The branch is an interactive place for the high-quality communication with the customers. Therefore, employees, whose work in the localization, in addition to being great professionals should be able to  use of modern technology in order to achieve success and  there must be guaranteed that customers also in the surrounding environment will feel good. Therefore, innovative design department, where customers feel safe and comfortable is critical in terms of development and growth.

The modern design of the branch/office focuses on providing the experience of openness, hospitality as well as creates a community of people who use its services. Customers entering the branch should not be surprised by architectural mismatch (decor) and technology solutions that are available at the location. Solutions such as digital media advertising (digital signage) in the lobby, as well as self-service kiosks, computers, and access via a variety of media to the Internet should form a whole, be consistent with all accessories in the department and provide reliable and secure access to the system.
Nowadays, in order to ensure high efficiency and openness, the classic office solutions, it means closed rooms / offices, replaced with open cabins, providing a relaxed atmosphere without sacrificing safety. Increasingly, companies focus to implement energy-efficient solutions, ensuring that the branch was more environmental friendly.

With our expertise in the design of buildings, interior design and IT technology, we are able to offer our customers modern branch solutions from design to the equipment with advanced IT technologies. In this way, the consolidation of a number of sub-branch in one system, as well as the completeness of the offer significantly affect (reduce it) operating costs and capital investment.
Create a new experience for customers of the institution will grow and develop herself.
From the high-tech solutions, we provide mobile access to sales channels using a variety of mobile devices (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device). Access to remote experts using video technology (Remote Expert), digital advertising displays at a branch (Digital Signage) as well as secure access to resources in distributed data centers using virtualized workstation technology at a branch (VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and all this is with the highest security standards.

Our offer includes:

–        Full interior design and decoration

–        Designing layout of rooms

–        Designing industry installation

–        Co-ordination of multi-disciplinary technologies

–        Support for the project, formal and legal

–        Design IT solutions (Digital Signage, Mobility / BYOD, Remote Expert, Virtual Desktop)

–        Design of building automation solutions

–        Design, execute  and /or supervision of the entrusted project

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