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monitoring systems

CCTV Systems

Nowadays, security is one of the most important, if not the most important part of the functioning of every cell of society. Sense of security has a major impact on the assessment of the quality of life and work of local authorities. One of the key ways to ensure a sense of security is the implementation of a flexible video monitoring system.

The main advantages of the implementation of urban video surveillance system are:
– An increased sense of security,
– Preventive measures,
– Preventing acts of vandalism,
– Reducing crime and gather evidence against the perpetrators of crimes and offenses
– Traffic control

Implementation of the monitoring system is to install video cameras in areas deemed most dangerous, with particular emphasis on pedestrian routes, intersections with heavy traffic, bridges and public transportation.

One of the main elements of the system is the construction of so-called Supervision Centers, which operate law enforcement officers responsible for tracking urban space. Such centers also have the ability to upload video to other units such as the Police, Fire Place, Center for Crisis Management and Traffic Control Centre.

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