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smart lighting

Intelligent management of municipial lighting

One of the key elements of Smart City is a management system and street lighting control system. It allows intelligent management of individual lamps, can reduce energy consumption by dimming lighting in hours with little traffic, and areas of lesser importance. The use of this type of technology, reduce management and maintenance costs and reduces the cost of electricity consumption by up to 40%. Intelligent lighting network can provide the basis for intelligent power distribution in urban areas.

Typically, an intelligent lighting management system is the extension of the existing conventional lighting system. Implementation involves installing controllers in each lamp. Controller communicate with the control server via the existing power grid using LonWorks protocol and technology, PLC (Power Line Communication). Control server securely communicates through a network to the central management and control system. The transmission technology which is used based on 3G, WiFi, WiMAX.

Central management system allows full control of all lamps covered by surveillance. Allowing to configure different parameters depending on scenarios e.g. on / off,  dimming lights in which you want to start saving. It provides information about the current operation of infrastructure, failures and reports of malfunctioning lamps.

The graphically illustrates the operation of the system and presents reports on energy consumption.

Smart lighting management system can be extended with additional elements for the implementation of advanced features. Such elements may include illumination sensors, motion detectors and sensors reporting environmental data.